David & Goliath


David & Goliath
By W A Zamorano

When David was a young lad
he watched over the sheep his Father had.
He loved God with all of his heart.
He sang to him and played his harp.

God said to the prophet Samuel,
“Go to Bethlehem and find Jesse and tell him,
all of his sons to bring,
for I have called one of them to be Israel’s King.”

So, one by one Jesse brought each son,
but God never told Samuel, “This is the one”.
Then Samuel asked Jesse, do you have another Son?
Jesse said, yes but he is so young.
He is tending the sheep and smells like dung.
Jesse resisted, but the prophet Samuel insisted.

They finally brought young David in,
and Samuel anointed him to be King.


One day the Philistine army
was defeating the army of Israel,
All the soldiers were afraid and ran
they said, we need to find a man,
who is stronger than Goliath the giant
who won’t be scared, but defiant.

All of David’s brothers were afraid to fight,
They all ran away in fright.

“I have killed a lion and a bear,
of this uncivilized giant I am not scared.”
David said,
I will use my slingshot and hit him in the head.

David whirled his slingshot around
and hit the giant in the forehead
and knocked him to the ground.
Then David killed him with his sword
and Israel’s army won the war.

Many years had come and gone,
until David became King
and his reign over Israel would begin.
David was a good king right from the start.
He loved God with all His heart.


[1 Samuel 16 & 17]



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