Declare His Majesty


Declare His Majesty
By Frederick Blanchard

The heavens indeed declare Your Majesty,
For their dazzling arms of light stretch far and wide,
So to touch one another in a unified glorious display,
Bringing breath taking views to the people worldwide.

Who can speak of the wondrous works of the Lord,
There are no words that can describe perfection,
For His manifestations dazzle even the brilliant ones,
To our Father it is a simple gift from His hearts affection.

We kneel speechless before His glorious countenance.
Though we yet do not clearly see His face,
We truly feel the warmth of His eternal being,
Freely flowing with-in; by the Holy spirit’s embrace.

Who alive can transcribe our Father’s awesome love,
Perhaps the few who can accept their unworthiness,
Admitting their sinful nature as they whisper out His name,
Then experiencing spiritual rebirth from His forgiveness?

Come Lord, and intently reveal Your Splendor,
Refreshing all the moments of our feeble existence,
By this and the daily indwelling of your Holy comforter,
For without you, we are but a vapor without subsistence.




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