By W A Zamorano

It was at the time when many Jews
Lived in the land of Persia
There was a girl named Esther
Who lived there with her uncle Mordecai.

The King of Persia was having a party
And called for his Queen
But she was nowhere to be seen
King Ahasuerus, that was his name
Got mad and never wanted to see her again.

So the King held a beauty contest
Only the most beautiful girls were invited.

One of the girls stood out from the rest
Her name was Esther and she was a Jewess
Her uncle Mordecai told her to keep it a secret.

After a long preparation
To make her as beautiful as she could be
When the King saw her beauty
He chose Esther to be the queen.

In those days they had a strict regulation
The queen could not see
The king without an invitation.

Now there was a man named Haman
Who was an important servant of the king
He wanted everyone to bow to him.

But Mordecai did not bend down
So Haman went to report to the king
He made the King sign a law
To kill all the Jews, they saw.

When Esther’s uncle Mordecai found out
He told Esther the bad news
About what Haman was going to do
Mordecai said to Esther
Maybe, it is
That you have come to the kingdom
For such a time like this.

Esther thought of a plan
How to save her people from Haman
So Esther asked all the people to fast and pray
They were not to eat or drink
For three days
Then she would go into the palace
To invite the king to come to a banquet.

Because all the prayers were heard
The king extended the scepter to her
She found favor
And the king reversed the decree
And all the Jewish people were free.

And the punishment that Haman
for Esther’s uncle had conceived
The king ordered for him to receive.


Remember, when we pray
God will make a way.




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