Everyone’s Appointment!


Everyone’s Appointment!
By W A Zamorano

When the Day of the Lord has come,
people from every kindred and nation
will stand alone before the Great White Throne,
to give an account of what they’ve done…
concerning God’s only begotten Son.

There is an appointment scheduled for everyone,
from which there is no escape, and no one can run.
Just as the flower blooms and withers away,
so it is with our vessel made of clay.
God has allotted to every man a certain span.
Our spirit and soul will stay alive eternally.
Heaven or hell, what will it be?

God does not want that anyone go to hell, no never.
God made hell for the devil and his evil hordes,
not for human beings, made in the image of the Lord.

When Adam disobeyed, he fell from Grace
and brought a curse on the entire human race.
God sent His only Son to die for the sin of everyone
and whosoever calls on Him, will be forgiven for his sin.
God is inviting all who are not certain of their destination
to pray this prayer of Salvation:

“God in Heaven if it is true, that I have to be made new,
please forgive me for my sin and come in.”

If you said this prayer and meant it from your heart,
God has washed away your sin and you are born again.
Your eternal life has just begun,
you’ve entered your destiny
and when your final day has come,
you will be with God throughout eternity.




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