Extra, Extra!


Extra, Extra!
By W A Zamorano

Extra, Extra, hear all about it
from the roof tops shout it!
The King is coming, the King is coming
our King is on the way!

Listen, all who belong to Him,
bring Him an offering.
It does not have to be much
for His heart to be touched.

He delights in you,
He loves your praise
He’ll meet you face to face
in the secret place.

In order to stand before Him,
you must be a child of the King.
The spirit that is inside of you
has to be made new.

Because of the Father’s Love
Jesus left His throne above
and gave His life a sacrifice
when on a cross He bled and died.

We are all born threefold,
we have a body, a spirit and a soul.
When Adam sinned our spirit died,
but it must come back to life
for us to become God’s child.

Only His plan of Salvation
can bridge the separation
between man and the God of Creation
and save us from eternal damnation.

All you have to do,
is call on the Name of Jesus Christ
and everything will be alright.
You’ll come out of the kingdom of darkness
into the kingdom of Light.

How this comes to be
remains a mystery,
If you want to be a child of the King,
hurry now and give your life to Him.

Extra, extra, hear all about it,
get ready for the King!
Give Him thanks in everything
Rejoice, and let your praises ring!

Hail to the King!
Hail to the King!




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