Faithful To The End


Faithful To The End
By Marie C Neubauer

By the blood of the lamb
From Egypt they fled,
Into the wilderness, and
By God’s hand were led…
With an open heart,
His words they obeyed, but
When their faith was tested,
Many turned away!

Multitudes followed Jesus
With an open heart, but
When the way grew narrow
Many would depart…
Who can hear the Words?
That this man has to say,
And from the Son of God
Many turned away!

Jesus calls men to repent
And takes our sins away,
The blood of the Lamb of God
Still sets men free today…
Following our Savior,
On Him we now depend,
Holding fast to His Words,
Faithful to the end!


‘Therefore we ought to give more earnest heed to the things which we have heard,
lest at any time we should let them slip.’
[Hebrews 2:1]



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