Finding Purpose


Finding Purpose
By June Stein

It is in Jesus name, we face each trial,
With strength that only comes from God above,
Fostered when we practice ‘self’ denial,
And have a greater willingness to love.

When we commit to follow our Lord’s will,
Relying on His Wisdom, not our own,
Only then, can our purpose be fulfilled,
By following the Word of God, alone.

We may not know the tasks that lie ahead,
But Jesus knows the secret of our days,
We follow day by day with trust in Him,
And find our purpose walking in His Way.

Today, it isn’t ours to understand,
The pattern of our lives may not be clear,
We only know He holds us in His hand,
Our joy is found in knowing He is near.

All purpose for our lives,
We find in Jesus Christ!


‘…we speak of God’s secret wisdom,
a wisdom that has been hidden and that God
destined for our glory before time began.’
[1 Corinthians 2:7]



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