Food For Body Food For Soul


Food For Body Food For Soul
By Frederick Blanchard

The morsels of bread and bits of fruit,
That I take in, are merely to sustain the physical body,
I desire them not, nor do I want them,
Instead I yearn for living bread and spiritual fruit.

Food for the body never satisfies,
For it cannot fill any sense of emptiness,
It enters in then passes on through,
Eventually the body withers and dies.

But, the word of God for the soul fulfills,
Quenching the reality of unending thirst,
Its bread is eternally pure and fresh,
Preparing our eternal spirit for unbelievable thrills.

This manna from the Father truly feeds,
For once it reaches the soul, there it stays,
Providing growth, protection, peace and joy,
The light of true life meeting all of our needs.


Jesus said, ‘Man cannot live on bread alone,
but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Father’.
[Matthew 4:4]



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