For You Jesus Suffered


For You Jesus Suffered
By Frederick Blanchard

In the garden, Jesus though innocent, was shackled,
Then quickly he was dragged away,
The gravel path tore the flesh of his feet,
When they took Him on that awful day.

Angry guards used the whip of nine tails,
To rip open, his back and his tired legs,
Blinded and driven by evil were these men,
As they laughed and drank wine from their kegs.

They fashioned a crown of spiny thorns,
Buried it deep in the scalp of his head.
Causing blood to trickle down his saddened face,
The soldiers knew, that soon he would be dead.

Mocking him, they swore and spit in his face,
Refreshing water was held back from him,
Jesus soul was tormented by sorrow and pain,
Even then, it was with love that he looked at them.

Wham thud, echoes loudly like thunder,
The pounding of the iron spike thru his feet.
A soldier’s penetrating spear pierced his side.
Thrusting it between his ribs, plunging it deep.

Causing the water and blood to pour out,
Mary bows her head and begins to weep.
“Abba, Father forgive their sins”, was Jesus plea,
In his final breath before entering death’s sleep.

Laid out east to west were the Lords arms,
For the sins of mankind he suffered and died,
God’s son was innocent; He has done no wrong,
He was the sacrificial Lamb, for sinners worldwide.




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