By Lucia K Haase

Forgive someone when I feel wronged?
It’s sometimes hard to do;
I might feel I can’t forgive
because of what’s ensued…

I’m only human (I might think),
but that’s some poor excuse-
I know the path that I should take-
we have free will to choose…

but then I think of Jesus Christ
when on the cross, He cried-
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,”
as He was crucified…

as He was being crucified
in oh such mortal pain! –
and yet, still all forgiving-
His compassion never waned.

Forgiven we are, of every sin
if we just come to Him-
in repentance and faith,
we are forgiven!!

Forgiveness…then, for every wrong
I feel envelopes me??
Yes I can!!…because of Him
unblinding me to see.




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