Ghosts Of Guilt


Ghosts Of Guilt
By Tom D Blakely

Sometimes the ghosts of guilt will haunt:
‘Your guilty past’, is Satan’s taunt.
‘How dare you preach to other folk
for you are worse; you are a joke!
At least they are not hypocrites
haunted by a shameful past!’
Think of this, that, the wrongs you did.
Your sinful past cannot be hid!
Confess to all your guilty past…
Would you prefer it be broadcast?
Just because you found religion
doesn’t mean your past is hidden!’

LORD, I hear my accuser roar
he has me broken… on the floor!
It seems I wasn’t very strong
and Satan kicked when I was down.
Everything that he says is true
and keeps me down and far from You.
For how could You be pleased with sin,
my guilty past must bring you shame?

‘Child! So quickly you’ve forgotten
My word that says you are forgiven.
The Saviour’s blood, and it alone
for sin, forever, can atone.
When you were saved you were forgiven
Jesus’ blood cleanses every sin.
Do not dishonour Jesus’ name;
or doubt His precious blood again.
Some things lack in the church today
allowing Satan in to play…..
There is no church without the blood.
How can that be misunderstood?
When you neglect the blood of Christ
the church is dead; your witness cursed.
When you proclaim the blood of Christ
the church will live; your witness blessed.
Of some things Satan will not boast:
Hell, Christ’s blood and the Holy Ghost.
He doesn’t care about your sin
because he knows you are forgiven.
Don’t be caught in his grand design
to make My church a waste of time.’




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