Give Me A Friend


Give Me A Friend
By Cinda M Carter

Give me a friend…
That upon I know I can depend,
When the waves of life come in,
And I need Him to defend.

Give me a friend…
That will lend a helping hand,
Who is there to help me make a stand,
Till the stormy weather ends.

Give me a friend…
That blends life with laughter,
And there shall be singing after,
A life without pretend.

Give me a friend…
That will turn my night into day,
And who will take me each step of the way,
With each prayer I may send.

Give me a friend…
When all goes wrong,
Who makes me feel I belong,
Until the day begins.

Give me a friend…
When all seems lost,
Who is willing to pay the cost,
During life’s downward trends.

Give me a friend…
Who I can share with whenever I am sad,
And in the moments that my heart is glad,
From beginning to end.
There is no other Friend but to be found in Jesus.
He said, ” He would never forsake us or leave us.”

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for what You’ve done
In giving us Your only begotten Son.




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