Glorious Day


Glorious Day
By Frederick Blanchard

Praise the Lord, for morning is coming,
It’s going to be a glorious day,
See the fog how quickly it’s rising,
Hallelujah! Our Savior is on His Way.

Dispersing before the Almighty Son,
All darkness is giving way,
As the brilliance of heaven is revealed,
Ushering in this glorious new day.

Hallelujah! Lord Jehovah is on his way,
Bringing a peace, lasting for evermore,
While the whole earth spins in a frenzy,
We remain steadfast, knowing what’s in store.

Rapture our souls into the light of your glory,
For we have been transformed by the Lamb,
Given a hope of being righteous before our God,
Cleansed by the sinless blood of the great I AM.




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