Glory To Him


Glory To Him
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

I did not get much schooling
for I was often ill,
Then even in my adult life,
illness plagues me still.
A child with just one parent,
when in those days it was rare,
Dressed old fashioned by my Gran,
folk would laugh and stare.

I always was self-concious,
and in company did not speak,
but because I loved the Lord my God,
His help I came to seek.
He gave to me a sense of worth,
because He died for me,
No matter what the people thought,
His love was full and free.

He showed me that I had a gift,
given by Himself,
to use to bring Him glory,
not leave upon the shelf.
The gift of writing poems,
the Lord had given me,
and confidence to share them,
for other folk to see.

However humble you may be,
however poor or weak,
The Lord, He still can use you,
if His strength you will seek.
He died to save each one of us,
He values one and all,
He is ready there,just waiting,
and listening for your call.

To each of us He gives a gift,
not to everyone the same,
but each of us must use our gift,
to bring glory to His name.
Not to make us feel good,
or justify our sin,
For from sin our Lord has saved us,
Now the Glory goes to HIM.




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  1. Tom says:

    Excellent poem & message. May these truths encourage many. Glory To Him!

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