Go Forth And Proclaim


Go Forth And Proclaim
By Joanne Standfield

Let not the fear of man enslave you
for Jesus came and set us free.
From every form of enslaving sin
He has given liberty.
What a different place this world would be,
if we went forth in His power
holding out His Word of grace,
fulfilling His will for this hour.
He upholds us with His right hand
in our mouth He’s placed His words,
words that will melt the hardest heart,
if we’d only let them be heard.
Step out on a limb my friend
for this is where the fruit is found,
the fruit of lives changed for God,
the place of freedom for the bound.
The good news is for all men
so lets go forth and proclaim,
that Jesus is the risen Lord
and salvation is in His name!




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