God Carried Me Through


God Carried Me Through
By Cinda M Carter

There will always be valleys to go through in life.
There is only One Who can carry us through:
The One Whom they call Jesus Christ.

He didn’t promise us that it would be easy.
When humbled in spirit, then, we are left pliable through Jesus.

For every door that is closed the windows of Heaven are opened
When God gives us His Word and our wills have been broken.
God says, if we wait on Him, He promises to strengthen us.
By simply depending on Jesus we trust.


After Joseph’s brother’s betrayed him.
The caravan’s took him to Egypt to a world of sin.
He worked hard…To please his Lord.

He was accused falsely for he did no wrong,
but his punishment was costly.
It seemed as if they had won.
But Joseph stayed faithful to the Lord
Even when he thought his life was done.

He waited on God’s time.
He knew he hadn’t committed a crime.
Joseph submitted to the task at hand,
Because Joseph believed that someday
He and his family would be given the promised land.


Help us Lord, to remember to pray,
Pray for those who falsely accuse and sometimes abuse us in this way.
The wounds go deep; this is when we kneel at the Savior’s feet.

Lord, You forgave a sinner like me.
So, this is my plea…
Forgive them Father for they no not what they do.
This is how God carried me through.



Written after a confidence was betrayed.
My heart was broken but God was faithful
to show me how to pray and forgive.




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