God’s Line


God’s Line
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

When you are feeling lonely,
when you are feeling blue,
There is a very simple thing
that anyone can do.

Just sit down in a comfy chair,
or lay down on your bed,
don’t just ring your neighbours,
but talk to God instead.

The call will cost you nothing,
there will be no bill to pay,
And you will know,for certain,
He will listen to what you say.

You never find the line engaged,
For God is always there,
So if you are sad or lonely,
Remember, He Will care.

Give the Lord a ring today,
tell Him how you feel,
Tell Him if you are lonely
or if you are feeling ill.

Ask Him for that special peace,
which only He can give,
He will help you through the day,
And give you strength to live.


P.S. Don’t forget to ring back with your thanks and praise.




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