Good Friday


Good Friday
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

Good Friday! No it was not good,
for a young man died on a cross of wood.

Bad Friday surely it should be
For he suffered there for all to see.

He had not sinned, that’s what they said,
but they pierced His side and the blood run red.

Then there was darkness all around,
and men fell down upon the ground.

For there was fear as well as pain,
for the temple veil was rent in twain.

They put His body in a borrowed tomb
his friends and family were filled with gloom.

Then came that glorious Easter Day,
when they found the stone rolled away.

“He is not here” the angel said,
“For He has risen from the dead.”

Then later,in the upper room,
He came to them, then very soon,

Their sorrow faded right away,
It was a Happy Easter Day.




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