Grateful To Be Forgiven


Grateful To Be Forgiven
By Cinda M Carter

Christ bled and died upon the cross…
He was resurrected from the dead for the lost
I am grateful to be forgiven
From sin and to experience freedom.

Freedom from the power of sin…
Satan thought that he would win,
Even as Jesus took His last breath.
Satan, through hatred failed to foresee the rest.

God’s plan for our salvation…
The whole world in all creation.
Jesus only asks that we would forgive our fellowman.
Forgive and you shall be forgiven is the plan.

First we must confess our sins to Him…
To cleanse us in the blood of the Lamb for our sin.
Then to accept the forgiveness that our Lord Jesus gives.
To be grateful for the gift of salvation, so we may live.

It is a day by day walk…
While we learn to listen to the Lord when He talks.
He speaks through His word for all to understand.
Jesus prays that we continue in His love as planned.

When He gives us a new heart…
We become pliable in the Master’s hand as we start
A journey in a new direction that makes life worth living
Then we find ourselves – Grateful to be Forgiven.




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