He Came For All


He Came For All
By W A Zamorano

Who is this little baby boy
who brings us tidings of great Joy,
all wrapped up in swaddling cloth,
lying in a filthy feeding trough?

He is Jesus who came to earth
through a young virgin’s birth.
to bring Good News
to the Gentiles and the Jews!

His destiny is to die on a cross,
to redeem all who are lost,
to restore fallen man
back to fellowship with God again.

He left the Glory of heaven
to be born in a dirty stall,
to let us know, He came for all
rich or poor, great or small.

It may be a shepherd
tending his sheep,
or kings and wise men
coming from the east.
From the first to the least,
Jesus came for all of these.

He will come into the heart
of whosoever will call,
while they are still filthy within,
polluted by Adam’s fall.

Let us tell our friends and neighbors
that this little babe in the manger,
is Jesus Christ, the King of kings
and Lord of lords,
who has come to be our Savior.
now and forever more!!




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