He Has Risen


He Has Risen
By Frederick Blanchard

They placed him in the borrowed grave,
Though in that dark place he would not stay,
For it was written by the ancient prophets,
His body would never experience decay.

T’was on a wooden cross where he bled and died,
For the vast array of sins committed by mankind,
It was three days that he quietly laid in a tomb,
There for the world as a final sacrifice he was confined.

Grief stricken, Mary went there to pray,
Through tear filled eyes, she found an empty grave,
Over her sobbing, she heard some one close by say,
He has risen dear Mary; this place you must leave.

From birth in a stable to death on a criminal’s cross,
He lived and died, so all could be forgiven,
Christ our Lord freely chose death so we could have life,
Eternally with the glorious king in heaven.




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