He Is In Control Of Everything


He Is In Control Of Everything
By W A Zamorano

This is the season of the year
when joyful times are drawing near;
times of laughter and good cheer.

It’s also the time, when loneliness
and painful memories of the past,
their gloomy shadows cast.
Disappointments … unanswered prayer
is the reason for people’s despair.

They are giving up the fight,
giving in to their plight,
loving darkness..shunning the light,
becoming blind..closing their mind.
keeping on..keeping on hurting inside.

By their emotion overcome
because they don’t know the One,
who can give them Hope
and help them to cope.

Let us go and find them and remind them
of the most important thing,
to God our burdens we must bring,
He is in control of everything.

The good news is the same
as long ago the angel proclaimed:
“Glory to God in the Highest,
Good tidings of great Joy to all men,
the Savior is born in Bethlehem.”

We must tell them,
that whosoever calls on His Name,
will be born again.
All the problems will not instantly depart,
but His Peace will fill the heart.

The most important thing
is to give your life to Him.
Hope for the future He will bring
He is in control of everything.




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