He is Risen


He is Risen
By W A Zamorano

The tomb is empty, come and see!
There’s an empty cross on a hill called Calvary.

Mary and the other women came early in the day.
They saw the stone was rolled away,
and Jesus wasn’t there.

The angels declared,
“Why do you seek the living among the dead?
He has risen, as He has said.”
Then they remembered Jesus’ words.
They returned to the eleven
and told them what they had seen and heard.

Their tears were wiped away,
this was Resurrection Day!
Everything their Master had told them about
and what they knew, had come true.

Now, WE have a reason to shout. HE IS RISEN!
He took the keys from the enemy.
Death where is your sting?
Grave where is your victory?

The Son of God has become the Son of Man.
He alone could be the perfect lamb
to atone for the sin of everyone
who will come.

The only way you will be left out,
is if you doubt.
It would be a terrible shame,
and you would only have yourself to blame.

So, join the redeemed of all the ages,
who couldn’t pay their own wages,
who trusted in the One who purchased our Salvation
and has rescued us from eternal damnation.


[Luke 24:1-9]



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