He Prepares A Table Before Me


He Prepares A Table Before Me
By Joanne Standfield

When darkness surrounds me
and the battle’s thick and fierce,
I’ll not let doubt steal from me
God’s blessings and His peace.
For light will shine in the darkness,
when I fall I shall arise,
The Lord is ever with me,
He never leaves my side.
Bless the Lord, Oh, my soul
lift your voice in praise
with me in the valley of shadows
is my God of amazing grace.
He prepares a table before me,
where I feast upon His Word,
being nourished and strengthened
as His still small voice is heard.
Take heart you weary travellers
the end of all things is at hand
remember you are more than a conqueror
as you briefly pass through this land.
We are here with a purpose,
a divine appointment from above …
to touch this dark, sin-filled world
with our Father’s grace and love.
Filled with His love and mercy
it’s time to arise and shine …
for the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you
and you’ve been filled with his precious wine!




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