Jealous Love


Jealous Love
By Tom D Blakely

How long will I have to bear with you my love?
You are decked in ornaments of worldliness.
You flirt with other men; for this I know.
Do you think I am deaf to your whispers?
Perhaps blind to your veiled affairs?
I am neither deaf nor blind, my love.

Could you not have honoured me, as I do you?
Instead you have dragged my name through mud.
Am I a joke? Not to be taken too seriously?
When we first met, you made a commitment.
Now you act as if you do not understand it.
But I am committed to you, my love.

Was our relationship only a short romance?
Not for me; but you so quickly let it slide.
Should I be careless of the dangers that you face?
I am hurting, for some things cannot be undone.
I care about your welfare and I will not let you go;
Perfect love is jealous love; my love.


 ‘For the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God’
[Exodus 34:14]



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