Jesus As He Glows


Jesus As He Glows
By Rita Broden

A shaft of Light shot through our souls
Awakening each cell,
No longer bound in this world’s chains
No longer bound for hell.

On this road to heaven’s gate
Upon this narrow path,
We’re freed from dealing vengeance
We’re freed from nature’s wrath.

His character within us shines
And outward overflows,
That radiance upon our face
Is Jesus as He glows.

Nothing more are we than vessels
He will use us as He will,
As we allow Him to pour out of us
What pours out He does re-fill.

Our Savior, our Redeemer,
Our Source, and our Supply,
How humbling it is
He’d use as vessels you and I.

May You ever find us willing, Lord,
To go and do just as You lead,
Don’t let us go before You, Lord,
For we desire YOU succeed.

The day is coming precious Lord
(And I’m excited to the core!)
We’ll all bow down before You!
We’ll sing Your praise forevermore!




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