By June Stein

Jesus lived a humble life, from the manger to the cross,
A life of deep devotion and commitment to the lost,
He left His Father’s kingdom, and took on the bounds of earth,
His deity unrecognized for years beyond His birth.

He was a loving son, and yet, the Holy Son of God,
Born in His Father’s perfect time on Israel’s chosen sod,
Temple teachers were amazed when He sat down among them,
Showing, at the age of twelve, a wisdom far above them.

From then till John the Baptist, calling out, prepared the way,
He was a simple carpenter until God’s ordered day,
Baptized by John in Jordan’s flow, and blessed by heavenly dove,
Tempted by Satan in desert waste; standing strong in love.

He chose two sets of brothers, Andrew, Peter; James and John,
Day by day, He added more, until His search was done,
At a wedding in Cana, He changed water into wine,
Nothing would ever be the same again, for all of time.

He openly began the path for which He came to earth,
His life was set on one desire, to bring the lost new birth,
The chosen twelve would walk with Jesus through the coming years,
They witnessed how He touched and healed, spreading joy; drying tears.

His wisdom, gentle love and patience bound them to the Lord,
Such a man had never been; they were all of one accord,
Teaching in the synagogues, raising people from the dead,
Feeding thousands with two fish and five small loaves of bread.

Stilling storms at sea; casting evil demons into swine,
Two thousand years and more have passed, and Jesus now is mine,
He claimed me when He died on Calvary, calling me His own,
His blood has saved me; now I’ll live to worship at His throne.

My living, risen Savior has prepared a place for me,
Where I shall live in endless joy throughout eternity,
If today, you still don’t know the Savior and His saving Grace,
Call upon Him to forgive you; bow before His Holy Face.

When you come to Him, you will find the peace that dwells within,
All that’s gone before that binds you, will find release in Him,
Ask Him to reveal to you the Glory of His Love,
He’ll wrap you in His mercy, and you’ll have a home above.



“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, will not perish but have everlasting life.”
[John 3:16]



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