Know That He Is


Know That He Is
By Frederick Blanchard

May the Lord God Jehovah,
Hear the praise we give his name,
For he has cleansed our hearts from sin,
Through the gift of his holy Lamb.

Hush the crowds spilling noise,
For the Lord speaks in quiet ways,
Become still, and know that he is,
Is worthy of glory, honor and praise.

Exalt the name of the Lord,
For he reigns with honor and majesty,
Forever we’ll give praise unto him,
We were guilty, but He granted us amnesty.

Your radiance dims the sun,
Causing all darkness to flee away,
Bringing in warmth for the cold,
Fading the past into a new day.

To know you is to adore you,
For you are, the Prince of Peace,
The comforting spirit within me,
Unto you we completely, release.




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