By Tom D Blakely

The night-time images to me return. . .
Of sick humanity; a law of its own.
Not for a moment throughout my day
Would I permit such a depraved display.
(Yet not myself could such horrors prevent
Only through Christ, for in Him I depend.)
‘Lord cast out the demons from me I pray
The dawn is now near; make them go away.
I know and trust, for this much You can do:
Comforter, banish this evil from view.’
But why did this happen in shades of the night?
Did my Lord retire and leave me no light?
Last night I was drowsy, terribly tired.
Prayer time neglected, my sleep I preferred.
I thought it needful, but quickly I fell
Into deep torments; images from hell. . .

The courtroom was Satan’s, here now on earth.
Defendants strolled in, joyfully with mirth.
Their violent acts were shown on TV
Innocents died slowly for all to see.
All senseless carnage, a sickening sight
But no one cared for the poor victims’ plight.
(For saintly readers I censor this vision;
Though for myself these horrors remain.)
The court of the world then made its reply
Acquitting the killers without stating why?
I left in confusion, but this much I saw:
A satanic world without moral law!
God’s law was eroded so long ago
Biblically we must reap what we sow.

The church came to view but something had gone?
The law was missing; to lose it was wrong.
Which of the commandments did we reject?
To suit our lifestyles; which did we neglect?
We’ve heard for years we’re not under these laws
Through Christ we’re in the new covenant of grace.
But we were taught God’s law in Sunday School.
Right from wrong was determined by God’s rule!
Christians are saved from the wages of sin
By God’s grace and through faith in Christ alone.
Not by works or keeping laws, that is true;
But we must keep God’s holiness in view!
What abominations the church now permits
Liars, thieves, adulterers, godless perverts.
But we mustn’t judge them, so many would say
If the church won’t purge itself; then who may?
The reason the world is in such a state
Is because the church has become its best mate.


‘I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear,
not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen,
will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.’
[Matthew 5:18]



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