Light v Darkness


Light v Darkness
By Tom D Blakely

The Light shone in the darkness, but the Darkness hated it,
Despised it, and used everything he could muster to put it out.
It was put out, in the way that a dark cloud blocks out the sun,
Darkness had his moment of glory. Light was put out, but just for an instant,
A crucial moment in time; at the point where past, present and future met.
This was the middle round of a great contest.
Darkness had apparently won the first round too, which was in a garden.
But this, on the hill was the big spectator event; surely Darkness was victorious now?

What a headline. . .
“The Light of creation knocked out by one of His own creatures, Darkness!”
Hard to believe it could be true; but remember the spectators, all those witnesses.
The Creator was crucified; blood everywhere so much for him being the King!
Meanwhile Darkness was sporting a “Prince of this world” winner’s belt.
Darkness had looked good from the start, and was a strong favourite with the crowd.
Though some of the more observant were doubting, having noticed his tattoo.
Darkness had tried to hide it. It read: ‘If I go down I’ll bring plenty with me!’
Sly prince – without the Light – it would have gone unnoticed.

Round one was in the past. Round two also. It is now time for round three!
Some Darkness supporters met with Light and changed sides before it was too late.
The ferocity of Light’s return, abruptly ending Darkness’s career, shocked the world!
An unforgettable experience, and the date was so appropriate: Judgement day.
Many of the Darkness supporters complained bitterly whilst being led away…
‘The contest was fixed!’ Officially this allegation was never denied.
Some of them demanded a rematch, but received a sharp reply…
‘Time is up. Besides, you are supporters of Darkness, who is the loser and always was.
Your world and all that you love is abhorrent to the Judge and so it must end. AMEN.’




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