Maybe After The Holiday?


Maybe After The Holiday?
By Tom D Blakely

Today I was in the city
I had a few things more to buy.
It’s the season to be happy
Which trust me I’m going to enjoy!
There’s a little voice annoying me
Perhaps it’s something I’ve forgot?
I’ll check my Christmas list again . . .
No, that seems to be the lot.

How am I going to get to sleep
With this annoying little voice!
It’s like my guilty conscience
Saying I made a stupid choice?
Well I got what I know I wanted
And more or less for all of the rest.
I thought I was being generous
So why am I feeling stressed?

It’s HIM AGAIN! I should have known
He spoils each Christmas time!
Maybe later I’ll come to church
But not now, it’s party time!
Please don’t mess up my holiday
With feelings of needless guilt.
Who knows, after New Year
We’ll finally sort this thing out.

I know I should get right with God
But this is really not the time.
After the fun and parties end
Is the time to talk about sin.
By then I’ll be feeling more guilty
More inclined to heed God’s call
With the holiday and the money gone
His way might sound good after all?


‘And the Lord said, My spirit shall not strive with man forever.’
[Genesis 6:3]



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