Moses & The Burning Bush


Moses & The Burning Bush
By W A Zamorano

A long time ago, there was a king in Egypt,
He was mean and he told his people,
when you see a Hebrew baby boy
anywhere in town,
throw him into the river, so he will drown.

One day the Pharaoh’s daughter
came to the river for a swim,
when she heard a noise nearby,
it sounded like a baby’s cry.

She and her maidens went to see
and found a basket hidden in the reeds.
She took the baby in her arm
to keep it safe and away from harm.

When she found a Hebrew nurse
to take care of him and raise the little one.
She didn’t know that the woman
was the baby’s own mother,
who had hidden her baby son.

He came to live in the palace after many days,
to be brought up in the Egyptian ways.
But Moses, that was his Name,
wanted to find out from whence he came.

He went to visit his people and saw
that all day long they were making bricks
out of mud and straw.
When Moses saw one of his kinfolk get mistreated,
his temper got so heated, that he killed the man
and hid him in the sand.

When Pharaoh found out what Moses had done,
Moses had to run and run.
He came to a land called Median,
where he stayed with a man
and his seven daughters

One day when Moses was taking care of the sheep
He heard someone calling out to him, real deep.
“Moses, Moses,” the voice cried out,
it was the voice of God, no doubt.

When Moses turned around
he got scared at what he found,
he saw a bush like a fiery flame
but it didn’t burn, it stayed the same.

“Take off your sandals,
you are standing on holy ground.”
the voice of God did sound.
“Draw near and do not fear,
the cries of your people have come into my ear,
I want you to go down to Egypt for me
and deliver your people out of slavery.”

“When you come before Pharaoh,
many signs and wonders
I will do…through you!”

[Exodus 2,3,4]



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