Nearly Christmas


Nearly Christmas
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

“It’s nearly Christmas” my friend said
and both of us did groan,
as we thought about the shopping,
we would have to carry home.
As we thought about the cooking
and relatives for tea,
the very thought of Christmas,
bought gloom, for all to see.

Yet long ago in Bethlehem
in a stable, cold and bare,
the Saviour of the world was born,
bringing love and peace to share.
He came to bring salvation
into a world of sin,
yet many folk at Christmas,
do not think of Him.

The turkey and the Christmas tree,
the cards and presents too,
inviting folk you do not like,
and know do not like you.
These trappings,they are man made,
and even when they are good,
do not convey what Christmas is,
in the way they should.

That baby born at Christmas,
whose birth we celebrate,
came to bring salvation,
to open heaven’s gate.
So put Christ back in Christmas,
and starting from today,
put Christ back into your life,
Yes live the Jesus way.




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