No Greater Love


No Greater Love
By Rita Broden

No greater love has a man, says God’s Word,
Than he would lay down his life for a friend
When we stop and consider the depth of that verse
It’s not just physical death bringing life to an end

We’ll put off our own wants and put on God’s will
We’ll obey God’s Word day after day
With patience and kindness – no jealousy found –
We’ll put on love and keep darkness away

We’ll surrender to principles; precepts
That our Lord lived for us to convey
We’ll put off our opinions and judgments
And at last let God’s love have its way

We’ll die to the nature within us
We will do things because they need done
No more grumbling, whining, complaining
Our goal is to follow God’s Son

When the Lord chose the pathway to Calvary
He proved to us all He is Friend
He lived for us; died for us; rose again for us
The depth of His love has no end

Proving His friendship to all of us –
My thoughts and my ways I’ve explored
How have I treated this most precious of Friends?
Have I laid down MY life for the Lord?

Is that ‘No greater love’ found within me?
Sweet Jesus! My Lord, and my King!
Help me now, as I die for You
I surrender my all – everything!

Let me always remember I’m dead to this world
Let it no more entice me, I pray
As I walk in Your principles, precepts, and love
I will take up my cross in this way




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