Oh To Be A Name-Dropper


Oh To Be A Name-Dropper
By Rita Broden

I’ve known a lot of name-droppers
While passing through this life
They’ll drop the name of some celeb
Or perhaps some big-shot’s wife

They’ll drop the name of someone
They still have yet to meet
And although they’ve yet to meet her
They’ll tell you, ‘She is oh-so-sweet!’

They drop names of politicians
That someone they know knows
They’ll drop a name in every spot
(That’s just the way name-dropping goes)

And yet with all their name-dropping
There’s one name they leave out
And yet it is the ONLY name
That truly carries ‘clout’!

They don’t drop the name of Jesus
Everywhere they go
Why that is, is something
That I truly do not know

I’ll drop the name of Jesus!
I’ll be His name-dropper for life!
And if by being His name-dropper
It causes me great strife –

Well then and so be it!
That’s just the way it’s got to be!
‘Cause Jesus – JESUS ONLY –
Is the One who set me free!!!!




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