One Day At A Time


One Day At A Time
By June Stein

I know that God will give the strength to meet my every need,
He knows all that lies ahead which, to me, cannot be seen,
Just one day at a time, when I keep my focus clear,
Is all I need to think about because my Lord is near.

In Him, I can accomplish all that I am meant to do,
By resting in His Grace and dropping a worldly view,
The distraction of entertainment is a waste of time I can’t afford,
Goals can be determined and achieved, only with my Lord.

Whatever I do in Him is right and the benefits are lasting,
The other things are fluff, and benefits only passing.
I can’t be discouraged and overwhelmed by the imposing mountain,
A course can be set and followed when refreshed by Jesus’ fountain.

In time, all will be over and done that was without His Presence,
But all that was with the Lord will bear a gift to my soul forever.




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