Paid In Full!


Paid In Full!
By June Stein

Paid in full; no hanging debt to sap our energy,
Paid in full; our precious Jesus once for all has set us free,
Free to be the person God has planned for us to be.
Can we ever doubt His payment, taking on that sin again?
No, we are His forevermore, loved and living life in Him.

Hallelujah! We are His, safe from Satan’s evil snare,
Where we are or what our needs are, matters not; for He is there!
In our heart and mind and spirit, His life coursing through our veins…
May we be aware each moment, in our Jesus, all is gain.

His righteousness He gives to us, won for us on Calvary’s Cross,
As we die to self and claim it, all we were before is dross,
Every day is bright and shining, transformed by so great a love,
It’s beyond our understanding; blessings stream down from above.

Hallelujah! We are His, safe from Satan’s evil snare,
From earth to highest Heaven’s Glory, Praise His Holy Name, He’s there,
In His love, we’ll live forever, children of our Lord and King,
On the golden streets of Heaven, “Holy! Holy!” we shall sing!




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