Paint Me A Picture


Paint Me A Picture
By Tom D Blakely

Lord give me eyes to see
All that You did for me
Paint me a picture within my mind.
Take me to Bethlehem
To where a child is born
The precious Saviour, of all mankind.

Take me to Galilee
To walk beside the sea
To see my Saviour stand by its shore.
He calls some fishermen
Who turn and follow Him
They walk with Jesus, for ever more.

Take me to Calvary
The hill of cruelty
To see my Saviour nailed to the tree.
The cross is lifted up
Christ drinks the bitter cup
O lord I thank you, it was for me.

Take me to see the tomb
Which out of rock was hewn
But where is Jesus, is He not dead?
The stone is rolled away
I hear the angel say:
‘Jesus is risen, just as He said’.

Paint me a picture Lord
With brush strokes from Your word
And make Your image, clearly defined.
And by Your Spirit give
The faith I need to live
Paint me a picture, within my mind.




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