By June Stein

Patience…a gift of the Spirit that is difficult to hold,
I anxiously await what’s coming next,
Day to day, I sometimes strain to see the outcome,
When answers don’t come soon, then I’m perplexed.

I place my faith in Jesus, and then wonder how and when,
My timing would not be the same as His,
When I’ve put my trust in Him, I must set my worries free,
In faith, believing, that’s where patience is.

I know from times now past, that His answer always comes,
And is filled with blessings, hidden for a time,
In the midst of trial, there are always lessons learned,
And one day, understanding will be mine.

Lord, I pray, grant me patience!


‘But let patience have her perfect work,
that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.’
[James 1:4]



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