Peace On Earth


Peace On Earth
By Rita Broden

Peace was born so long ago
Peace walked upon this earth
Peace willingly went to the cross
Peace provided us new birth

Good will towards men in form of child
Showed to us God’s great love
Good will remains to all mankind
As God looks down from up above

Peace; Good will – His message brought –
Yet few would dare believe
That through this babe that came to earth
New life could they receive

A simple message, really
Perhaps too simple for the mind
Confusing man’s intelligence
As… man is NOT so kind

Mankind would not one’s sin forgive
Mankind deals not love true
Mankind seeks only mankind’s ways –
Sees only mankind’s view

So great a gift God gave us!
His Son…His ONLY Son!
He gave His life as sacrifice
For us the victory He won!

Yes! This simple message:
‘Peace on earth, good will toward men!’
Came to us through Jesus Christ
It echoes over and over again!

God’s perfect love – His greatest gift –
There’s nothing else that need be done!
Grab hold this perfect peace, good will,
And salvation through His Son!

Confess that Jesus is the Lord!
Believe God raised Him from the dead!
All your sin He’ll pardon!
There lies new life for you ahead!

You’ll walk within this peace He gave
You’ll understand good will toward men
Don’t wait! Tomorrow may not come!
Do it now, friend, while you can!




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