By Tom D Blakely

We were born with an inherent fault; the Bible calls it sin.
And if we don’t make peace with God, then we’re at odds with Him.
Many have died and gone to hell, though who am I to say
But, some died very close to me and never knew God’s way.

Excuse the ramblings of an injured man, whose heart controls his head.
Believing in predestination might explain why I’m not already dead?
But ‘Steady Eddy’ I am not; in fact my life has been a mission.
Staying alive was my daily goal before becoming a Christian.
Each new day came as a surprise, to be treated with utmost caution
I never planned on a ‘tomorrow’, believing it might not happen.

Learned clergy waste endless hours ‘sovereign will’ discussing
While millions take the path to hell due to knowing nothing.
Whatever will be, will be, is the extreme of predestination.
But who are we to know God’s plan for every child or nation?
God’s word allows for chop and change and unexpected mercy
Jonah runs but is forgiven, then at Nineveh is angry.
The disobedient missionary who never seemed content
Some day even Jonah will know what predestination meant.

Being accused of preaching ‘choice’, I asked God to explain
The Lord knew I wanted heavy scriptures, my argument to win.
Instead, He showed me heaven’s door and on it there was written:
On the outside all it said was: ‘Knock and the door will open.’
But on the inside of the door I read: ‘For those who God has chosen.’

God called us before we were even born, but not as know-it-alls
Let’s spread the gospel to everyone, then wait to see who He calls.
When time yields to eternity and all believers go to heaven
May each of us know we did our best, in the Lord to win some.




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