Promise Of Spring


Promise Of Spring
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

Golden cups of daffodils,
shining like the sun,
bring to us the promise,
that winter is almost done.
Snowdrops, peeping, very shy,
beneath the old oak tree,
proclain that though its bare right now,
soon leaves again we will see.
For though the earth is cold and bare,
and winter skies are grey
we know that soon they will be gone,
replaced by suns bright ray. . .

Our lives too have their winters,
of sorrow, pain and tears,
clouds that seem to blacken,
for, days or months, or years.
But just as winter sunshine,
breaks through a cloudy sky,
God’s love breaks through our darkness,
to lift our spirits high.
And just as winter flowers,
bring promises of spring,
God’s love brings hope and peace to us,
and makes our spirits sing.


We may suffer in this life all kinds of problems and difficulties,
but they are Just For a Season.



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