Put Christ Back Into Christmas


Put Christ Back Into Christmas
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

The bells ring out at Christmas time
but they did not ring that day
when Christ was born at Bethlehem
and they laid Him in the hay.
The candles glow at Christmastime
but they did not glow that night,
instead the shepherds they were led
by the bright starlight.

We open gifts at Christmastime
in pretty paper tied with string,
and for that tiny baby
wise men their gifts did bring.
Not rattles, toys or teddies
like our babies get today
but Gold and Myrrh and Frankincense
for the baby born that day.

Frankincense to show that He
was Divine indeed
Gold to show He was a King
who would His people lead.
But Myrrh was bought to show that He
sorrow and pain would know
Bitterness and hatred
then to the cross would go.

So as we light the candles
and Christmas bells we hear
As we unwrap our presents
and join in the Christmas cheer.
Let us remember Jesus
for He shares in all we do
As we celebrate His Birth Day
let us begin anew.

Let’s put Christ back in Christmas
For that is where He Should be
Then we will know true blessing,
CHRISTMAS as it should be.




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