Remembrance Day


Remembrance Day
By Tom D Blakely

Who would true valour see, let him come hither?
Child of psychology, stay back or wither.
Remembrance Day has come and I
Had planned to rise, or else to die.
The hour is near, will soon be gone,
As I lie weak in bed alone.

Take the poppy from my jacket downstairs.
Unpin the medal for nobody cares.
My family fought in a dying cause,
Two lie beneath a graveyard vase.
There with them too lies part of me,
I did not win; I am not free.

Should we remember war, or peace?
Where life remains war shall not cease.
Wars in the world may come and go,
Wars in my mind will always flow.
Enjoy peace now the doctors stress
You deserve a break from trauma; rest.

Yes Lord, I remember, this same day last year
The happy clappers at our church; without a single tear.
The elder prayed and the young ones sneered
For they don’t care, they’re not afraid
Our God is for the living, not the dead
Thanks for the forgotten; I heard it said!

Is that Lord, why I’m lying here?
Disaffected, weak, with angry fear?
Restore the joy of my salvation
Before I criticize this generation.
How can my brethren be so thick?
Nobody understands why I am sick.

I see them now, ‘God’s healing team’
That never had anything wrong with them.
The nearest they got to the trials of life
Was having a fight with their husband or wife.
Their smugness Lord they cannot hide
Test them. That will remove their pride!

Forgive me Lord; I’m out of order
Critisizing my Christian sister and brother.
Thank You; for though the ‘thorn’ remains
You bring me relief and unlock my chains.
We all are different; now I see
You touch my hand saying: ‘Follow thou me’.

I struggled all night as I fought with You
Then on the eleventh hour You came into view.
I am the most foul of all your children
But still You reach down and give me wisdom.
My faith is not controlled by man
Or pain, or circumstance, but Your’s to command.


(Written on a Remembrance Day; influenced by physical and psychological problems)



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