Restore Us Again!


Restore Us Again!
By June Stein

Restore us again, most Gracious Lord;
You are our God, our Savior.
Revive us, to find our strength in You;
We sorely need Your favor.
Show us Your unfailing love;
Your complete salvation,
May Your Glory dwell in our land;
Your hand uphold this nation.

We have wandered far from You;
Perverting what You taught us,
Forgetting our beginning,
And the One Whose life has bought us.
Many reject the truth of the past,
When we honored You as our Lord,
Raise up the faithful to make a stand,
In the strength of Your mighty Word.

May peace and plenty flow down in blessing,
May truth and honor be known,
May Your Presence and Power be with us, Lord,
As You uphold Your Own.
Then, once again, this nation will flourish;
Be a beacon of Light for the world,
For over us all, will the promise and hope
Of the Lord of Life be unfurled.

When love and faithfulness for God are alive,
Righteousness and peace He ordains,
Righteousness is only from the Lord,
When in our lives, He reigns!
Restore us again, most Gracious Lord,
Let this nation its honor regain!
May every knee before You bow,
Every tongue praise Your Holy Name!


[Based on Psalm 85:4-13]
‘Turn to Me and be saved, all you ends of the earth;
For I am God, and there is no other.
By Myself I have sworn, My mouth has uttered in all integrity
a Word that will not be revoked,
Before Me every knee will bow; By Me every tongue will swear.
They will say of Me, In the Lord alone are righteousness and strength.’
[Isaiah 45:22-24]



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