RMS Titanic


RMS Titanic
‘The Power & the Glory’

A Royal Mail Steamship
Bore a name of great renown.
But on its maiden voyage, sank
And with it the vain-glory of men.

When they named her Titanic
It was through pride in what they’d built.
Then added to their fault
By declaring the vessel could not sink.

Titanic, Titanic; a mirror of men
A tragic lesson so costly to learn.
God’s gifts and ability to give man supremacy
Were to rule the world wisely. . . Not to spurn heaven!

Without regard to the Giver
Man’s ability to deliver is destined to fail.
Consider the innocents, and it’s sadder still.
How did they fare? Were many saved?
And not by scarce lifeboats . . . manmade.
Yet by God’s grace some were eternally saved.
By accounts, more than one at the end believed.

You kings of the earth: celebrities, statesmen, women. . .
Never forget how you got there!
Would you give yourself the glory?
Tonight your soul may be required of you
Then where would you be?
Fall on your knees now and give God the glory;
Ask for forgiveness, through the Saviour.
Humble yourselves before almighty God
And pray there is a place for you in His lifeboat.

If Titanic had not been seen
As simply man’s work and design
But God’s power in man;
Published aloud as part of the plan
Would God see His glory founder?

You who ignore God and act as if self-made. . .
Will it take the icy waves of death to overcome you
Before you realise your absolute loss?
The Saviour is holding out His hand to rescue you now.
Don’t reject His offer of salvation at the cross.
Give God the glory, today and forever!
He is our Creator and the writer of history;
Only then will you know it is safe
Whenever you put out to sea.




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