By Cinda M Carter

Dear Lord, we send up an S.O.S…
Our churches are in distress.
The Holy Spirit is not able to move,
We’ve gotten away from God’s absolutes and truths.

We think up of manmade ways to solve our problems…
Our self sufficiency is rooted in our sin of cobwebs.
The sin of wanting more in numbers,
While the church sleeps and slumbers.

Dear Lord, forgive us in this nation…
For trusting in our own innovations.
We pray Lord for You to move upon the waters.
We kneel before the throne of God’s alter.

Let us put away the life of self.
Crucified with Christ, You have broken man’s curse.
Thy will be done in earth…
…As it is in heaven in the church.


I do not speak concerning the true church of Christ but there are some that use manmade alternatives to make it look like things are led by God…
God help our churches to come back to the simple teachings of Jesus Christ.



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