Saints Still Standing


Saints Still Standing
By Rita Broden

When stormy waters rock the boat
Take heed: Our Savior’s there
When darkness tries to overwhelm
Get on your knees in prayer.

Draw very close unto the LORD
Keep your eyes on Him
Or else the enemy will come
And make your vision dim.

Stand when you have done all else
And know you’ve done you’re part
Trust the One Who sees all things;
The One Who knows your heart.

Take comfort that you serve the LORD!
Be confident in HIM!
Fill your soul up with His Word!
Fill it to the brim!

Be that soldier He has called!
Go forth on His command!
Declare the gospel of our LORD!
Spread it across the land!

And when, at last, He calls you home
No regrets there’ll be
The things you’ve done as unto HIM
Will last eternally!




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