By Sylvia E Blakely

The Lord was crucified for me
Nailed upon that cruel tree
Hear the dying Saviour cry
It’s for your sin I chose to die.

It was there he died in agony
Shed all his blood for me
It is finished was his cry
For you and me he had to die.

There at the cross I saw the Lord
And understood his written word
It was there I put my burden down
And in it’s place received a crown.

There’s no more offering made for sin
There’s only Jesus, trust in him
One mediator between God and man
Just see the nail prints in his hand.

There’s just one place we need to be
To see what  happened at calvary
Trusting in his grace so free
Lord to spend our life with thee.

As it tells us in God’s word
When in faith we trust  the Lord
No one can take our soul away
We are his and his to stay.

You must be born again
For everlasting life to gain
Whosoever will believe
Shall everlasting life receive.




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