Singing In The New Year


Singing In The New Year
By Lucia K Haase

The peace of Christ, we’ll have this coming year;
He gives to us good reason not to fear.
He gives us, to withhold each day, a song
to carry us through night and all day long.
He gives us, midst our faith, a mighty strength
to walk in peace of any timely length.
He gives his love, so all encompassing,
reminding us about the coming Spring.
He gives us everything he has to give,
while teaching us the righteous way to live.
His voice is as a harp that softly plays-
it is his love that carries me, each day.
Oh sing a joyful song – the Lord is near!
We’re blessed to have the peace of Christ each year!




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  1. Joanne Standfield says:

    A beautiful poem dear Lucia, wishing you a very blessed 2015. Your sister-in-Christ Joanne

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